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Batch Transaction Reports - Batch Tracking

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Batch Transaction Reports - Batch Tracking

Here you define how the transaction reports, based on the batch transactions file, are to print.For each report the parameters you must give include the print style (type of printing), the data items to print, and any sorting sequence for the final report.

The set-up for each report follows the standard pattern of:

Print Control

Up to eight report styles can be defined on your system through the CONFIG user (see the Configuration Guide). These control the length/width of page to print. The styles available are listed at the bottom right of the screen.

Data Items

Here you can select up to ten items to print across the page for each report. The data items available for selection are listed to the right of the screen – you can also, however, use the F4-Select key to select items for the report.

Sorting Sequence

Reports are normally printed in transaction entry order. You may specify a different sorting sequence for a report here by giving the item numbers in the file of the data item on which you wish to sort.The first item chosen is the senior sort item, with each subsequent one being junior.

You have the option to choose an ascending sort sequence (normal choice) or descending value. You might use descending value if sorting on a numeric value.

The OPTIONS Button

The options button is available to configure the printed output of the transaction listing – page size, font and margins. For more details see discussion above within Batch Reports.

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