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Omit Exclusive File Locks on DFD Import

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Omit Exclusive File Locks on DFD Import

When running the batch import processes within the Sales, Purchase, Stock and Job Costing Batch Update Accessories the system requires an exclusive file lock on the main application files. New in Release 6.5 if importing from a DFD file and flagging back to show the import record has been updated the system will allow the use of record locking against the main application databases.


Batch Update Installation Details

A new parameter has been added to the Optional Features settings within the four batch update configuration options. To update the settings select the Utility Programs option from the main menu before selecting the appropriate Batch Update definition. Select the Installation Details option and then Optional Features to set the ‘omit exclusive locks’ parameter.

Lock Records as Required– set to omit exclusive file locks on the application databases and the import database and apply record locks instead.Note this option is only applicable when using a DFD import file and marking input transactions as updated.

In addition to the options for all four updates for record locking on the main import file the sales and purchase batch updates include options for record locking when creating/updating account records.

Lock Records as Required – set to lock account records if importing updated account details. Note unlike the transaction import the system will require an exclusive record lock on the account record to update.

Input Item Number for Updated – flag item (required) on the import file to mark record as updated if successfully updated to the account file.

  • Release ID: 6.5