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Period End Procedure - Stock Control

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Period End Procedure - Stock Control

This routine updates the monthly demand, cost-of-sales and sales values for the period, resets the current period values to zero (or reset to the forward value if appropriate) and removes stock transactions where applicable.

Selecting this option displays the date range of the period you are ending and the date range of the period to commence and asks you to confirm these details.

If you have not printed the stock transactions you are warned and returned to the menu. You should print all the stock and transaction reports you need for reference and audit purposes before you do the period end.Although stock systems do not generally need the same level of audit as accounting ledgers, you may still need to trace back some oddity in your stock system, so at least the transaction listing should be printed.

As part of the period end you may be asked for three prompts – these are normally set by default for you but your system can be configured to prompt the operator.

Transactions Retained Up to

If removing transactions and set to remove by date (i.e. not set to remove all or based on a number of elapsed periods) then you are asked for the date before which transaction records can be removed.

Save Current Period Demand For Which Period No

Not normally in use, this prompt asks for the period number that demand values are to be saved to (normally these are saved to the appropriate period being closed).

Overwrite the Previously Saved Values

Again not normally in use, after confirming the period number to save to you are asked whether you wish to overwrite any values which may be in place or if you wish to add to these values.

After confirming the period settings are OK (and entering any of the extra prompts that may be configured) you are asked to ensure you have a backup. When confirmed the period end is processed. At the end a status display shows you the new period date range/number.

Stock Year End

The Period End procedure also acts as the Year End procedure – when you run the period end for period 12 (or whatever your last period number actually is) the year-to-date values are also reset automatically.

If notset to remove transactions (either by date or period number) then a prompt at run-time asks you if you wish to remove all transactions – respond accordingly.

As with the Sales/Purchase year end you cannot close the final period of the year until the Nominal ledger has been opened for the new year.

  • Release ID: Standard