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Link to Map Websites

Datafile Software

Link to Map Websites

This option allows the facility to link to a map website to display the location of a customer or supplier account based on the postcode. By default the system links to the ‘Multimap’ website but you can set an entry within the DATAFILE.INI to link to the ‘Streetmap’ website or nominate your own website.

On the open of a database record, such as a sales account or purchase account, containing a data item with a name containing the values ‘Post’ and ‘Code’ the system activates a MAP icon on the toolbar.

On selection of the MAP icon the system launches Internet Explorer and links to the map website showing the location of the customer/supplier account.


INI Changes

By default the MAP icon links to the ‘Multimap’ website and no changes are required to the INI to continue this link. To link to the ‘Streetmap’ map website you can add an entry to the DATAFILE.INI as follows:


Alternatively you can link to another website and supply the post code details to display. How the link is configured is based on the website.For example, to link to Streetmap via the web address then you can set the INI entry as:


The system updates the values <pc1> and <pc2> with the component parts of the post code.You would need to identify how the website requires the address to be formatted and configure accordingly.


If more than one data item on the current record with a field name containing the text ‘Post’ and ‘Code’ then the system offers a list of the post codes for you to select before launching the website.

The system takes the ‘current’ database as the primary location to check for fields with the name ‘Post’ and ‘Code’. For example, if using Order Processing then the system checks the order header for the post code data item. If found, then the system links based on the post code in the order header. If not found, then the system will link to the post code field on the customer/supplier file.


  • Release ID: 5.6