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Scanning Options on the Ledger Enquiry

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Scanning Options on the Ledger Enquiry

This option adds the ability to scan a document against an application record, such as a sales ledger account or sales order, from within the Ledger Enquiry.

A new option FILES has been added to the enquiry detail options which, when selected, offers the option to scan a document.

When selected you will be prompted for the filename to save the scanned document – you do not need to enter a path or a suffix just a description of the document.<F4-Select> is available to allow you to overwrite an existing file.

After entering the saved image filename the scan dialog is shown and you can proceed to scan the documents as per the Purchase Ledger Invoice Scanning option (discussed in the Release 5.6 manual).

You can view the scanned documents via the ‘Associate File’ option available on the toolbar when the account record (or other application record) is open or via the Links option on the Utility panel on applicable application screens.


Ledger Enquiry Manager

To enable the FILES option against an application within the Ledger Enquiry you need to set the authority level for the action within the Ledger Enquiry Manager. The option ‘Enquiries Configuration’ has, for each application an additional option for ‘Extra File Scans’. When selected a prompt is displayed for you to enter the authority level to allow the FILES option.

Auth Level – Set authority level to allow FILES option (0-9 where 0 is the highest and 9 is the lowest authority level). Note that this relates only to the ability to scan a document, any operator can view a previously scanned document.


Scanned documents are saved in the same location as any Microsoft Word documents for the application record. In the location specified against MSWORD= within the DATAFILE.INI the system will create a company folder (the three-letter company id), an application folder ??USER (where ?? is SL, PL, etc), and then a folder per main record.

Scanners must have a TWAIN driver to be compatible with this utility.

Scan dialog options are remembered within the session but reset to system defaults on exit.

  • Release ID: 5.7