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Allow Job Code Input to be Dependent on Order Status

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Allow Job Code Input to be Dependent on Order Status

When you enter a sales order you may have the option to input a job code, of either a new job to be created or an existing job, which will link the entered job reference to the sales order. This option allows you to control the input of the job reference based on the order status – so, for example, it can be omitted if the order is a quote, forced if the order is active and optional if the order is on hold.


Application User Facilities

The Application User Facilities for Sales Order Processing contain an additional parameter on the ‘Link to Job Costing’ parameter screen to configure the job code input.

Job code input based on order status - If set a pop-up allows control of whether the job code input is mandatory, optional or read-only based on the status of the order.


The Order Status must be input / confirmed before the job code in the order header entry screen sequence.

If set to default the job code then this will still be displayed even if the job code is view-only because of the status.However, if the job code is not confirmed, due to it being view-only, the job will not be created and the reference not saved. On update of the header the job default will be re-applied and, if change status to active, will be created.

  • Release ID: 5.7