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Reports – Today’s Receipts and Payments

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Reports – Today’s Receipts and Payments

This option, available for the Premier system only, allows you to configure a menu option to run your receipt and payment listings and just include today’s transactions – giving you a ‘day book’ of the transactions entered today.

To do this you call the report option with the parameter option for that report and suffix it with ‘T’.For example, the receipt listing that has a parameter of 3001 can be called as 3001T to just print today’s receipts.The full list of options includes:

3001T Today’s Receipt Listing

3002T Today’s Payment Listing

3003T Today’s Receipt Analysis

3004T Today’s Payment Analysis

3005T Today’s Bank Transfers

When you select a report the period number is updated as the period number appropriate for today’s date and the transaction date range is updated as today’s date.

The selected report can then be printed for today’s transactions.

  • Release ID: 5.7