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Image Display on Maintenance Screens

Datafile Software

Image Display on Maintenance Screens

The system allows the capability of linking an image (either a BMP or JPG) against a database record, when the record is open the IMAGE option on the toolbar (or on the right-hand utility menu where appropriate) is activated so you can view the image.

This new option, available for the application maintenance, ledger enquiry and ProFiler screens, allows you to display the image as part of the screen design.


Within the screen design to display an image you need to add the IMAGE data item on to the screen (or update the parameters if already displayed). When updated an additional parameter ‘Display Image’ is prompted (if updating on to the ledger enquiry then this is the only option prompted).

When selected a second pop-up allows you to configure the image display parameters.

Start Column – enter the start column at which you wish to display the top left of the image.

Start Row – enter the start row at which you wish to display the top of the image.

Width in Columns– enter the number of columns across you wish to display the image (a help bubble shows the maximum number of columns allowed based on the start position).

Height in Rows – enter the number of rows down you wish to display the image over. Again, a help bubble shows the maximum number of rows that can be specified based on start row position.

Hide Image Name – set to suppress the display of the image data item. This would be usual on the enquiry screens but may not be desirable on the application screens (where you need to enter the pathname for the image link).

Show Border – set to show border around the image.

Once settings are defined the screen design shows a border around the maximum area that the image will display.


The image is stretched / shrunk into the defined area but remains in proportion to the original image.

The IMAGE option relies on a text field (X-type) called IMAGE, BMP or BITMAP and the data within contains the value ‘.BMP’ or ‘.JPG’.

Only one image can be displayed on screen and this is restricted to the first data item in the database that contains the text ‘IMAGE’, ‘BMP’ or ‘JPG’
  • Release ID: 5.8