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Ledger Enquiry – View Documents from Transaction List

When performing a enquiry using the ‘Sales Account Ledger Enquiry’ option you are given options to view the transactions – via the transactions, retained or outstanding buttons – or the documents via the ‘Invoices’ button. New in Release 5.8, when listing the transactions a DOCUMENT option is available to show the document relating to that invoice / credit transaction.

When selected against a transaction the DOCUMENT option searches the document history file for a match on document type / account / reference and displays the document. If no document is found the system warns accordingly.

When the document is displayed you can use <F7-Option> to print, otherwise use the <ESC> key or click the exit/X-Close button to return to the transaction list.


The DOCUMENT option is only available where the user has sufficient authority to view the sales documents via the normal INVOICES enquiry option.

 This option is available immediately on update to Release 5.8. No further installation changes are required.

  • Release ID: 5.8