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T-Table Description as Data Item

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T-Table Description as Data Item

When showing table items on screen the system shows the value followed by the text description associated with it. When showing on reports / documents then generally only the value is shown, similarly when outputting to a CSV- file only the value is output.

A new feature allows for the creation of a sub-item based on the table value but the sub-item will contain the table description and not the value. This can be displayed in screens, reports, and documents plus be used in lists and CSV output.


Restructure a Database

When creating a sub-item you can now base this on a T-Table item.

When defining a sub-item you are asked for three parameters:

qItem – data item this is to be based upon

qStart – would usually be ‘1’ when working on table items this is the character position at which the sub-item is to start.

qSize – maximum of ‘32’ for table items (if start at position 1) otherwise remaining balance of field or less as required.

  • Release ID: 5.9