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Word Wrap in Multi-Line Text Inputs

Datafile 2018 and above

Often in Datafile you will have a series of consecutive text input items which flow content from one line to another – stock descriptions, additional notes in Order Processing, etc. As these items are entered and edited you have to keep an eye on screen so that can press <Enter> to move to next line where appropriate which can be difficult with a variable pitch font.


This new feature, available for any ‘designed’ screen, allows you to combine these items as one ‘memo’ item on screen for editing



When defined the multi-line memo inputs display as one block into which you can type the required content. The system will word-wrap automatically for you as you enter each line.  The text is displayed in a fixed pitched font for ease of editing and to show the text that is saved into the individual items.


When editing if there is any existing content then this will be highlighted – pressing <Enter> at this point will move to the next item.  To edit click the arrow keys or use the mouse to position the cursor – you are always entering text in ‘insert’ mode.  Once editing the content of a memo <Enter> inserts a line or moves to next if at end of content, <Enter> on the last line will move to the next item.


The maximum size of content is controlled by the size of the data items grouped.  If the text overflows the system will beep and flash the memo border in red – you can’t leave this item until there is no overflow.


System Screens – in addition to the ‘designed’ screens there are options in the Invoicer, Order Processing and Bill of Materials applications that allow entry of multiple lines of description/text – for example the Description inputs in Invoicer or the Extra Text inputs in Order Processing and Bill of Materials.  New parameter options have been added to allow these inputs to be configured for continuous ‘memo’ entry.




Screen Design


Within the screen design your continuous entry block needs to be displayed so that they follow in input sequence and are positioned to start in same column and one line after another. Each item also needs to be same type and size.



Against each item in the block right-click and set the properties that it is a multi-line text input.


For the View Only and Upper-Case properties setting this for the first input in the memo applies equally to all lines in the memo input.  The Mandatory Input applies of each individual line – so can set for first line but optionally leave the second and subsequent lines in the memo for optional input.


Invoicer Documents – Invoicer allows for description text to be entered across up to 20 lines of 46 characters each.  These are entered by default on separate lines.  Parameter Screen 3 of the document ‘User Defined Column Entries’ allows a parameter to ‘Show Lines as Memo’ – setting this option configures the description input as a continuous ‘memo’ entry.


Sales Order Processing / Purchase Order Processing / Bill of Materials – all three applications allow for extra text ‘blocks’ to be entered on the order header and the order detail.  In addition, for the order detail the ‘description’ items can be combined with the extra text for a bigger stock description. 


A new parameter ‘Show Descriptions / Text as Memo’ – has been added to the Optional Features (screen 5 for SOP / POP, screen 1 for BOM) that will combine the description/extra text inputs for continuous memo entry.


This option primarily applies for the TEXT option on the detail entry bar menu (and the text options within the documents, if configured to allow editing of the extra text). 


Order Detail Entry - If the description corresponds to the first two lines of the extra text in the Database Profiles for SOP/POP/BOM then if editing in Detail Pick mode the description and extra text will be shown as a continuous memo.  If the extra text range is separate to the description entry then you end the first line of description as normal and then a pop-up form will display the extra text in continuous memo entry.  For full screen entry similar controls apply if the extra text inputs are not displayed on screen.

  • Release ID: 7.1