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Automatic Sign-Off If Inactive

Datafile 2015 onwards only

Where operators leave their pc unattended the option is available to activate a ‘pause’ screen after a set period of inactivity – when activated this requires the entry of the operators password to re-activate, this can help in protecting access to sensitive data.  This release extends this option to sign-off and close the Datafile system after the set period of inactivity.


Within the General Multi-User Options under the MASTER sign-on are the options to pause the system and exit if appropriate.

Pause System if Idle for N Minutes – set number of minutes inactivity after which the system will display the pause screen. 

Or Exit Datafile– set to exit Datafile (if possible) after inactivity.  The system will only automatically close Datafile on inactivity if in doing so it would not abandon data processing.  It does this by reviewing file and record locks – if a record has a U-Usage lock or a file or record has a L-excLusive lock placed against it by the user then the system will activate the pause screen in preference to closing the Datafile system.

  • Release ID: 6.8