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User-Defined Report - Update Report Date to Constants

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User-Defined Report - Update Report Date to Constants

User-Defined reports can be configured to use test conditions on $RECORD control blocks against items on the constant database and these items can be based on a ‘system’ date.The system date can be set to be automatically updated with today’s date on access to the Profiler application but this doesn’t allow the user to override this date (without setting up various automatic Q menus which then restrict print outputs such as Excel).

This new facility allows the report date to be updated back to an item on the constant file allow the user to amend the report ‘run’ date and save this back to the constant databases and available for subsequent use in test conditions.

General Parameters

Within the General Parameter of the User-Defined Report a new option has been added to save the report date back to the constant database.

Update Report Date into Constant Item – select the data item on the constant file to be updated with the report date.

  • Release ID: 6.7