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Customer Price Checker and Quantity Breaks

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Customer Price Checker and Quantity Breaks

Discount Matrix tools allow the facility to set that, for a combination of account code/group and stock code/group, that a discount or price is applied. An additional Matrix option for quantity breaks is available so that if the customer orders more items then they can get a better price or bigger discount.Within the Price Checker option the system asks for the Customer Account and the Stock Code to check the price and displays the price to the customer, the cost to yourselves and the profit margin.A feature, sometimes called the ‘haggler’ allows you to amend the price and see the effect such an adjustment has on the margin.

Where the matrix applies a set price or discount then this is applied in the values displayed but where a quantity break matrix entry is applied the system displays the quantity break options available but can’t update the ‘haggler’. This new feature allows the system to prompt for a quantity so that any applicable quantity break matrix entry can be applied.

Once configured the system will prompt for the Quantity and then show the price / discount appropriate for that order quantity. The system will also show the total net, cost and profit values for that combination.


System Profiles

A new option has been added to the Sales Ledger System Profiles to prompt for Quantity within the Price Checker. To update the profiles select Installation from the main menu, lock out all systems, and then select System Profiles and the Sales Ledger application. Screen 5 of the parameters prompts to ‘Allow Desktop Price Checker Option’ and if press <Enter> through this a parameter allows you to configure this option.

Enter Quantity and Show Totals – set this parameter to allow entry of quantity within the Customer Price Checker, allowing application of quantity break matrix entries, and to display accumulated cost, net and profit values.

  • Release ID: 6.7