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P11 Transaction File Database Structure

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P11 Transaction File Database Structure

This database is maintained and used by the system for P11 reporting. This list allows you to see what the data items hold for use in reports and documents. You can add your own data items to this database but add on/after item 101 – the first 100 items are reserved for use by Datafile and if you use these items they could be removed automatically with a program update.

If you create a data item with the same name and the same type as an item on any of the employee files then this will be automatically copied for you as part of the P11 transaction generation.

No Data Item Type Description

1 EMP-NO Y (6) Employee Number (record number of the EMP record for the employee)

2 EMP-CODE X (10) Unique Employee Code (Premier only)

3 EMPLOYEE-NAME X (48) Full name of the employee

4 DEPT-NO N Department Number the employee is a part of

5 NI-NUMBER X (9) National Insurance Number of the employee

6 NI-CATEGORY X (1) National Insurance category used for the period

7 TAX-CODE X (5) Tax code used for the period

8 P11-NEXT Y (6) Record number of the next P11 record for the employee. If want to maintain the pointer chain you need fields on the employee file P11-FIRST and P11-LAST (both Y-6)

9 PERIOD N Payroll Period Number

10 PAY-DATE E Payroll Run Date

11 STATUS X (1) Input Pay Status prior to payroll run

12 ADV-PERIODS N Number of periods paid in advance this run.

13 WEEK/MONTH-1 ? Flag to identify if tax code is on a week-1 basis

14 DIRECTOR ? Flag to identify the employee as a director

15 TAX-YEAR X (5) Updated with the current tax year – i.e. 04/05, 05/06, etc.

16 REP-SEQUENCE X (10) If you have the report sequence profile in use then this is the item the employee reports are printed in.

17 SURNAME X (20) Employee Surname

19 NI-REB-EE K Amount of NIC rebate due to the employee this period.

20 NI-REB-ER K Amount of NIC rebate due to the employer this period.

21 NI-LEL-1a K Earnings up to the Lower Earnings Limit this period

22 NI-ET-1b K Earnings between the LEL and the Employee Threshold this period

23 NI-UAP-1c K Earnings between the ET and the Upper Accrual Point this period

24 NI-UEL-1d K Earnings between the UAP and the Upper Earnings Limit this period

25 NI-TOT-1e K Total of NI contributions by the employee and the employer this period.

26 NI-EE-1f K NI contributions by the employee this period

27 NI-SSP-1g K Amount of SSP paid to the employee this period

28 NI-SMP-1h K Amount of SMP paid to the employee this period

29 NI-OSPP-1i K Amount of OSPP paid to the employee this period

30 NI-ASPP-1j K Amount of ASPP paid to the employee this period

31 NI-SAP-1k K Amount of SAP paid to the employee this period

32 NI-SLD-1l K Amount of Student Loan deduction taken from the employee this period.

41 TOTPAY-2 K Taxable Pay this period

42 TOTPAY-3 K Taxable Pay to date (0 if on a week-1 basis)

43 FREE-4a K Total Free Pay to date (of for the period if on a week-1 basis).Value is 0 on selected tax codes (D/BR/NT/K)

44 ADDPAY-4b K Total Adjustable to Date for K tax codes, else 0

45 TAXABLE-5 K Total Taxable Pay to date – free pay having been subtracted and any adjustments added. For codes on a week-1 basis this is the taxable for the period, for D/BR/NT tax codes this value is 0

46 TAXPAID-6 K Total tax due for the year-to-date. Left at 0 for week-1 codes, D and NT codes

47 TAXDUE-6a K Used for K-codes to add values not deducted previously due to K-code maximum (50% of pay)

48 LIMIT-6b K Used for K-codes and is set to 50% of pay for the period.

49 TAXPAID-7 K Tax due this period

50 NOTDED-8 K Used for K-codes and contains the tax not deducted this period due to the K-code max.

61 C-GROSS-PAY K Update with the employee’s gross pay in the current period. Gross pay includes basic and overtime, statutory payments (SMP/SPP/etc) and advanced pay.

62 C-GROSS-ADDS K Updated with additions before tax from any extra payments (switches) to the employee’s gross pay in the current period.

63 C-GROSS-DEDS K Updated with deductions before tax from the employee’s pay in the period.

64 C-TAXABLE K Updated with the result of Gross Pay plus Additions less Deductions

65 C-NATINS-EE K Updated with the employee’s NI contributions for the period.

66 C-NATINS-ER K Updated with the employers NI contributions for the period

67 C-TAX-PAID K Updated with the tax paid for the period

68 C-NET-ADDS K Updated with additions to the employee’s pay after tax (switches/tax credits)

69 C-NET-DEDS K Updated with deductions to the employee’s pay after tax (switches/student loan deductions/etc)

70 C-NET-PAY K Updated with the employee’s net pay for the period

71 C-TOT-PAY * A calculation of total payments made to the employee adding gross pay, gross and net deductions.

72 C-TOT-DEDS * A calculation of total deductions made from the employee adding gross and net deductions, tax and national insurance.

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