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Employee Optional 10/11

Datafile Software

Employee Optional 10/11

X Data Item Type Description

SMP QW Period }

SMP Average }

SMP High Weeks Left } These items are no longer in use.

SMP Low Weeks Left } SMP is now recorded on the employee 2

SMP Current Weeks } file

SMP Current Pay }


X Pre-Run Status X (1) Holds the input pay status of the employee prior to the payroll being run (after which the current pay status is updated as A-Already Paid)

X Curr COMP Employee K, L }

X Curr COMP Employer K, L }

X YTD COMP Employee K, L }

X YTD COMP Employer K, L } Items no longer in use

NI Hol Flag }

NI Hol End Per }

NI Hol Current }

NI Hol YTD }

  • Release ID: Standard

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