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Employee Optional 4/11

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Employee Optional 4/11

X Data Item Type Description

Switch T Factor M Holds the rate factor used by this switch

X Current Switch K K, L }

X Current Switch L K, L }

X Current Switch M K, L } Holds the values paid by the employee

X Current Switch N K, L } for switches 11-20 in the current period.

X Current Switch O K, L } Again, if using Payroll Plus these items

X Current Switch P K, L } are not applicable as the switch values

X Current Switch Q K, L } are held in their own database.

X Current Switch R K, L }

X Current Switch S K, L }

X Current Switch T K, L }

X Rounded Pay B/F K, L If paying in cash and allowing pay to be rounded then this holds the ‘overpayment’ to the employee in the last period (rounding always being in favour of the employee).

X Rounded Final Pay K, L Net Pay this period after rounding – this is the net pay less any b/f overpayment and then again rounded up. If paying employees in cash and rounding you would need to specify this item as the net pay on the payslip.

X Rounded Pay C/F K, L The overpayment amount after the payroll run this period.

Fixed SW Amount From K, L } If an switch is configured as ‘fixed’ then

Fixed SW Amount To K, L } the current switch value is not reset at

} period end. However, this means if you

} overtype the value of a fixed switch

} during payroll input this offered as the

} default next time. If you reference a

} range of items here – equal in number to

} the number of switches in use then the

} switches would be reset to the default.

  • Release ID: Standard

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