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Select Key Definition

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Select Key Definition

Whenever you press <F4-Select>, to select an employee, the details displayed can be configured to show what you require. This is done via the ‘Select Key Definition’.

You select the data items you require to be listed and are also asked:

LIFO Sequence

The details listed when using <F4-Select> usually depends on the item searched upon. If search on the record (i.e. employee) number then items are listed in record number order, if enter a search on a secondary index (for the employee file this could be the employee name) then items are listed in the order they were created. Setting this option reverses this sequence so that details are listed in either reverse prime-index or reverse entry order.

Auto-Sort Column

Auto-Sort Descending

As an alternative to the above you could set the records to be listed in a set sequence. This could include, in the case of the employee file, the employee name. The item you sort on must be one of the list items you have set to be displayed and, here you select the column number of the data item you wish to sort upon and whether the records are to be sorted in descending order (leave blank for ascending order).

F4 –Focus Item

When you press F4-Select in payroll the system will, subject to other configuration settings, default the cursor to search for an employee number, name or other search item - remembering the last search performed this session. This option allows you to default the search each time to the same item.Press <F7-Option> on this input to view the available search options.


These items only affect the items displayed in the list when selected within the payroll; they do not affect the items you can filter on (i.e. the header selection inputs). These are the secondary indexes of the databases concerned (the employee file cannot have a prime-index).

After selecting items to be listed when selecting the employee a second screens asks you to configure the items listed when selecting the department.

  • Release ID: Standard