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Payroll Input

Datafile Software

Payroll Input

This screen allows selected configuration for the payroll input option.

During Option 1 (Enter All Details) Suppress the input of Basic / Overtime

During Option 1 (Enter All Details) Suppress the input of Pay / Ded /Repayments

During Option 1 (Enter All Details) Suppress the input of Department Split

To the normal user these options will not apply. The older DOS systems used to have separate maintenance screens to maintain the payroll inputs and these options apply to them and are not applicable for the Windows system.

Identifying Character between Hours and Minutes

Set by default to ‘:’ this controls the delimiter you enter in to the basic and overtime hour inputs to indicate you are entering a value in hours and minutes rather than decimal hours – i.e. 2:50 is 2 hours and 50 minutes whereas 2.50 would represent 2 and a half hours. You can change the character as required but don’t change to a number of a full-stop.The value is converted to decimal hours on input.

Prompt Only for Switches Configured

Set to only allow entry for switches marked as ‘in use’ within the employee maintenance screens other switches display as ‘not applicable’. If left blank then all switches are displayed and can be enabled during the payroll input.

Allow negative switches

Set to allow input of negative values in switches.

All-in-One Screen: Ask Overtime in Pop-Up

The overtime inputs are usually displayed on the all-in-one screen itself (the standard payroll input option for the system). Set to allow display of prompts in a separate pop-up screen that displays after entry of the pay status.

All-in-One Screen: Show Actual Employee Rate

If set to ask for overtime values in a pop-up screen then set this option to show the employee rate the overtime band is at.

All-in-One Screen: Don’t ask ‘Omit Basic’

If leave the overtime values blank the system prompts to update the status as ‘Omit Basic’. Set to omit this prompt – the status remains as entered (or I for Details input if left blank).

  • Release ID: Standard