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Restore Payroll Files

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Restore Payroll Files

When you run the payroll the system creates a backup of the payroll files to allow you to restore, via the System Status, and re-run if further amendments are required. In addition, as part of the period and year-end, the system can optionally create a backup of the payroll files.

This option allows you to restore either the period-end backup files – allowing you to re-run reports and payslips – or to restore the payroll run backup files and allow you to re-turn that period. Note that if you restore the payroll you are expected to re-run the payroll from that period on again.

Restore from which period number

P for Period End Save or S before payroll was run

Enter the payroll period to restore followed by whether you are restoring the period end back up set (P), or the payroll run backup set (S).

After entering these details the system will backup the current files (copying and renaming by adding BU to the suffix) and then asks you to confirm you wish to restore the selected period. If the restore fails, perhaps because you didn’t backup the period, then the auto-back is restored.

Once you have restored the appropriate files then you can continue from that point/period as normal with the exception of Full Payment Submissions or Employer Payment Summary Submissions – these processes are blocked until you reach the period you were in before you restored.

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