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Database INI Settings

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Database INI Settings

The Employee database can be accessed within the Word template options as well as mirrored to SQL.You may also wish to restrict the items from the employee file that can be viewed subject to authority levels.

Against each item you have the option to set:

Authority Level

This option suppresses display of the item if the operator doesn’t have the authority to view showing a blank space instead. Blank allows view for all (provided have authority to view the screen as a whole), otherwise set from 0-9 as required (where 0 is highest authority and 9 is the lowest)


Setting this option allows access to the item within the Microsoft Word link template/document actions.Note that if NO option is set then full access is given to all items.


Setting this option, where available, mirrors the specific item to the SQL table. Note that if NO option is set to be mirrored then the full database is mirrored.


Record any notes required against the employee item. This feature is primarily intended for installers to comment on how the field is to be used.


The COPY button available at the foot of the screen allows you to nominate up to twenty items to be available on the Clipboard utility on the Ledger Enquiry when viewing an employee record. The Clipboard action when selected copies the employee data to the ‘clipboard’ which can then be pasted within other programs (Excel / Word for example).This option is typically used against the Employee Address.


The SQL button, if available at the foot of the screen, allows you to enter matching item names on the SQL table when importing data from a SQL table to the Datafile database.


The Alerts button, if available at the foot of the screen, allows you to define alerts that require entry of notes or send an email when a trigger is first met. This could, for example, require entry of an employee note when SSP days are recorded against the employee database in payroll input or send an email to personnel when SMP dates are first recorded.

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