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Overtime Rate Table

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Overtime Rate Table

Here you specify the different percentage factors for overtime that are to be applied to the employee hourly/overtime rate.

For each overtime rate you wish to use you enter the factor and the description. Up to four decimal places are allowed. For example, overtime paid at time and a half is keyed as 1.5000. If you do not wish to use an overtime rate leave it as zero and the description blank.

On standard Professional, Diamond and Premier Systems you can specify up to 6 overtime rate factors.If on Premier and using Payroll Plus then you can specify up to 19 overtime rate factors.

Negative Entry

Overtime is usually a positive input, paying employees for time worked. If an employee is overpaid one period then you could net this off against the overtime for the next period. If, however, you would prefer a dedicated ‘claim back’ overtime band to operate as a deduction then you would set up the rate factor as a positive value and set the entry number that is to be ‘negative’ here.

  • Release ID: Standard

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