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Payroll Configuration

Datafile Software

Payroll Configuration

Your Datafile Software payroll system has a wide range of possible facilities, and you can undertake a great amount of structuring so that it suits your particular operation. This section describes how to use the Installation program to set up your ledger system and to define your document layouts.

You can use the program for the payroll requirements of many companies, and each may have a different configuration and its own set of data files. For each company specified a parameter file is written to disk which holds details of the configuration. Each company is identified by a three-letter code such as "DEM”.

When you select the Installation option a menu will be displayed that contains the installation and configuration options – only operators with the highest authority level (0) are allowed to process any of the options within this menu.

On Datafile Professional systems this menu differs slightly as options that aren’t applicable for the product level are removed – these include ‘Application Manager’ and ‘Ledger Enquiry Manager’.

The Installation options are covered generally within the Configuration Guide manual; however where specific payroll configuration options are available these are covered here.

Lock Out All Systems

When making changes to payroll then that application has to be locked out. To lockout the ledger you select the option ‘Lock Out All Systems’. Firstly, you are prompted to lock out all systems – it can sometimes be easier to lock all systems as you may have to change settings in other applications at the same time – if you respond ‘Yes’ then all applications are locked, if you respond ‘N’ then you can select to lock just the applications required.

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