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Payroll Ledger Enquiry

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Payroll Ledger Enquiry

The Ledger Enquiry is probably the most used and important tool for enquiry. You can access the Ledger Enquiry from practically anywhere in the system and enquire upon the employee records, view and reprint the payroll documents, update or view the employee calendar, and for Premier users view the P11 and Transaction files.

The Ledger Enquiry is accessed in a number of ways – the most common is via the shortcut key combination <Alt>+<L> (in fact the ledger enquiry is often referred to as the ‘Alt-L’). The ledger enquiry can also be accessed via the Tools pull-down option ‘Ledger Enquiries’ and an icon on the toolbar. In addition when updating an employee record in the system, for example when entering payment details, you can use the <F8-Zoom> key to access the Ledger Enquiry for that employee.

When accessing the enquiry option (except via the <F8-Zoom key) you are firstly asked to choose the ledger you wish to enquire upon and then enter, in the case of the employee files, the employee you wish to enquire upon. <F4-Select> is available as usual.

The screen displays information from the main employee file and Diamond and Premier users can configure the information displayed. Premier users can also configure information for display over two screens with the <Page-Up> and <Page-Down> keys moving between the two screens.

Several enquiry options are available (subject to product level, configuration and authority levels).

  • Release ID: Standard