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Period End / Start Next Period

Datafile Software

Period End / Start Next Period

You use this option to close the current period and start a new period. Before running this option you should ensure the nominal ledger has been updated – if configured to update from the department file to the nominal ledger as part of the nominal configuration and the Full Payment Submission has been sent to the HMRC.

Year End

If you are at the end of the tax year you do not run this option but instead run the special year-end processes discussed below. If you attempt to run this process at the end of month-12 or week-52 then you are warned accordingly

Week 53 Required

Depending on the pay day you may need a week-53 for this tax year on a weekly payroll. To enable this period you need to set the option for a week 53 in the payroll system profiles.

Similarly fortnightly or 4-weekly payroll period may require a week-54 or week-56 respectively. The same parameter in the system profiles allows this.

The system takes a backup of the payroll files (subject to configuration) on selection of this option – this backup can be restored via the Controls & Audit Manager if needed. However, it cannot be classed as a security backup as the backup files are still held on the pc/server – you should also ensure you have separate security backups.

The period end option prepares the files for the next period, updating the period number and resetting all the current data items to zero including pay, tax, and national insurance. The period end screen displays a listing of the ‘standard’ payroll reports together with a status of whether they have been printed – if any required report has not yet been printed <ESC> out and print it before the period end is run.

The system will warn if the nominal has not been updated (you can proceed past this and if you do so you would have to enter manual journals to reflect the pay) and then warn that it is important to have a payroll backup before asking you to confirm you are OK to run the period end.

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