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Extra Input for Timesheet Entry

Datafile Software

Extra Input for Timesheet Entry

This new feature allows an extra input item against the transaction line during timesheet entry.

The extra item appears as a pop-up at the end of each entry line. If using the extra item for a flag input then you can set a default within the configuration.


Application User Facilities

The addition input item is nominated through the Application User Facilities for Job Costing.Select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities. Choose the Job Costing application and select Enter Job Cost Details, the new parameter is on the second screen.

Extra Input on Actual Timesheet – reference the data item on the job cost transaction file that is to be prompted for each timesheet entry line. Only ‘X’ and ‘?’ item types are allowed for selection.

Default – if extra item is a ‘flag’ item then can set the default value for the extra input item here.                                                                                               

The ‘Budget’ Timesheet options have a separate extra item that can be defined, although they can of course reference the same item as the standard timesheet entry.

  • Release ID: 6.2