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What is the DPS Secure Mailbox?

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What is the DPS Secure Mailbox?

When you register and activate the PAYE Online Service, the HMRC set up a secure online mailbox for you. This is a delivery point for online messages that the HMRC send you. The mailbox ensures that only the intended recipient can access messages sent. This offers greater protection for your private information than normal email channels.

The HMRC will use the Mailbox to deliver your PAYE statutory notices and reminders. These notices will have the same legal status as paper statutory notices. Because they will generally no longer be sending you notices and reminders on paper, you will need to check your Mailbox for delivered items regularly.

If you haven’t yet registered for the PAYE Online Service then do so now – you will need to do this to file your end-of-year returns online anyway – you register at
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