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TAX – Global Changes of Account Code

Datafile Software

TAX – Global Changes of Account Code

During the tax year – normally at the start and occasionally at week 7 – the HMRC uplifts employee tax codes. The normal global changes are applied by Datafile as part of the period and year-end procedures. If you do not apply these changes or if you are transferring to the Datafile payroll from another system then you may want to make these changes ‘manually’.

This option allows you to increase, or indeed decrease, all employees on a particular tax letter.

Change all Employees with Tax Codes ending in

Enter the tax code letter – i.e. L codes – that you want to amend.

Change Tax Code by How Many

Enter the value by which the tax code is to change.

Add / Deduct

Select whether the change is to be added (A) to the tax code or deducted (D)

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