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AEO – Attachment of Earnings Orders

Datafile Software

AEO – Attachment of Earnings Orders

This option allows you to apply up to four attachments of earnings orders against an employee.

Name- Enter the title of the attachment or earnings order – this will usually be the title that appears on your payslip.

Type - Set as ‘1-Manual’ – there are plans to develop this option at a later point to allow configuration according to specific schemes.

Priority - A priority order carries forward deductions from one period to the next when there is insufficient pay to deduct the full deduction.

Method - Set the deduction method from B-Basic%, G-Gross%, F-Fixed Amount or an Item%. NB: I-Item% is only allowed if you nominate the employee item(s) to base the percentage on within the Payroll System Profiles, when Item% is enabled you enter 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the base value you wish to select. A help bubble in the footer of the screen indicates the options allowed.

% or Amount - Enter the amount to be deducted – either a specific amount or a percentage as defined by the method.

Protected Pay - Enter the protected pay, below which, any attachment of earnings order should not reduce the net pay (not including any switches).

Sequence - If more than one AEO defined for the employee enter the order they should be applied in – i.e. 3214, 2341, etc.

  • Release ID: Standard