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NI – Update the Employee National Insurance Category

Datafile Software

NI – Update the Employee National Insurance Category

This option is used specifically for changing an employee’s NI category. For end-of-year reporting the system needs to keep notes of earnings and amounts contributed for each category letter. Up to four category letters per employee (i.e. three changes during the year) are catered for.

After selecting the employee you are prompted with a menu of actions.

Change Code

This option allows you to change the employee’s NI category. You are prompted for the new NI category letter – enter as required.

Edit All

This option, only available to authority level 0 users, allows you to amend all the details displayed on screen – including the earnings levels and contributions. You would only use this option when you have changed to the Datafile payroll systems during the tax year and you need to enter the P14 details from the previous system.

  • Release ID: Standard