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RE-START A Former Employee Rejoins (Premier only)

Datafile Software

RE-START – A Former Employee Rejoins (Premier only)

In some industries it is common for an employee to be laid off and rehired, possibly more than once, during the tax year. As each period of employment requires a separate P14 printed at the end of the tax year you need to add a new employee record. This option allows you to enter a new employee record but to pick up selected details from the previous employment record and copy them over – i.e. name, address, tax code and bank details, etc.

Only applicable under selected circumstances – you must have a Premier system, use the unique employee code and have a code format similar to 999/99 where the first three digits are the employee number and the last two after the delimiter are the period of employment during the tax year.If all these aspects are true then you can enable the restart option via the Application User Facilities and define the items to be copied from the previous employment record.

On selection of the RESTART option you are asked for the employee number to create and then the employee number to copy the details from. Enter both as appropriate. The remaining details are input and amended as per the ‘add’ option above.

  • Release ID: Standard