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Payroll Considerations - Departmental Analysis (Diamond and Premier only)

Datafile Software

Payroll Considerations - Departmental Analysis (Diamond and Premier only)

In some industries it is common for employees to work in more than one part of the company during a payroll period. For example: a shop assistant may serve in more than one store; a catering employee may serve behind the bar at lunch time, but as a waiter in the evening; an administration employee may work in accounts for two days a week, and in the production office at other times; a craftsman may work on piecework for part of the week, and in the finishing shop for the rest.

The Datafile Software payroll allows you to define a number of departments for your payroll (subject to the product level), and then split the period costs over the departments on a percentage basis. You can split these costs over a maximum of eight departments for any one employee in any one period, with different departments for different employees, and even different departments for the same employee in different periods.

If you are using departments, each employee must be assigned to a specific department, even though they may do work in more than one department. The employee file is sorted when a new period is started and when the payroll is run, to allow you to process and print employees either in strict employee number order, or by employees within each department in turn.

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