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Link Sales Contact to Job Record

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Link Sales Contact to Job Record

Where the Job Record is linked to a Sales Account this new feature allows you to link a contact from the sales contacts database to the Job Record also. When adding / updating a job record the system will allow entry of a contact id (<F4-Select> is available) which will list the contacts for the linked sales account.

On addition of a new job record after confirmation of the job reference and the customer account the contact list for that account will be displayed. You can select any entry from the list or, if you don’t wish to link to a contact click the IGNORE button or press the <ESC> key.

On update of a job record you press <F4> on the contact id to choose another contact.


Database Changes

Changes are required to hold the contact id plus any other contact information you wish to bring over – contact name, telephone, email address, etc. – from the contacts database. To restructure the job file select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and Restructure A Database. Select the Job Costing application, elect to update the live files and then select the Job file. Move down to a series of blank items and press <Enter> to add the following item(s):

Item Name Type Description

CONTACT-ID Y (6) Holds the contact id (record number of the contact on the contacts file)

CONTACT-NAME X (40) Holds the contact name.

Other items from the contacts database can be copied over as required.

Once the required items have been added, press <ESC> and select to update the database with changes. Confirm to extract any existing records and table values, if prompted to restructure the base file respond as required and, if change the base file, repeat the addition of the items above inserting the new items at the same item positions.

Database Profiles

The new Contact-Id item needs to be referenced within the Job Costing Database Profiles. In addition you need to define copy items from the contacts file to the job costing file for any additional information to be transferred – i.e. contact name etc. To update the profiles select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and Set Database Profiles. To update the contact link select Job Costing application followed by the Job Optional parameter screen.

The profiles are set on the left of the screen and against the ‘Contact Record’ input you need to reference the Contract Id item. To define the items to copy from the contact record to the job record stay within the Database Profiles but select the parameter screen S/L Contact to Job.

On the copy items screen you define in pairs (on the left) the data item number you wish to copy and the item you wish to copy to. You would define copies of the contact name and possibly telephone numbers and email addresses in this option.

Application Screen Layouts

Changes are required to the Maintain Job screen to allow input of the contact id and to display any of the details copied from the contacts file as required. To update the layout select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager, Application Screen Layouts and then select the Job Costing application.

To insert the contact details you’ll need to add a text label of ‘Sales Contact’ (or similar), to do this use the mouse to position the cursor where required and then type the required text. To insert the data items position the cursor where required and press the <F4-Select> key and choose the contact items required – generally the copy items for contact name, telephone number, etc are likely to be view only but for the contact id input you will not set any of the item optional features.

System Profiles

The final change to activate the contact link is a parameter within the Job Costing System Profiles. From the main menu select Installation, lock out the system, and then select System Profiles and then Job Costing – the new option is on the first screen of parameters.

Link Jobs to SL Contacts– set to link jobs to sales contacts.Note that this option is only applicable if the first item ‘Enter Jobs by S/L Account’ is set and the sales contacts database is in use.

  • Release ID: 6.2