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Update Individual Records to SQL on Nominal Update

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Update Individual Records to SQL on Nominal Update

When updating from sales/purchase ledgers to nominal ledger then if any databases involved are set to mirror to a SQL database then the system will generate a refresh of these databases (SLT / PLT / NLT / NLA) rather than update individual records as this tends to update the mirrored tables more quickly.

Where large databases are in use and updates are run frequently (daily rather than at period end) then a global refresh of the data may take longer than an individual record update may take.A new option has been added within the Nominal Updating definition to allow the facility to mirror individual record changes.

Omit SQL File Refresh – if set then the system omits the full table refresh of the import/output databases within the Nominal update and instead updates the mirrored table through individual record updates.

Multiple File Updating

If using the multiple updating definition file this parameter is available via the ‘General Details / Which Systems Allowed’ parameter screen.

  • Release ID: 6.6