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Additional Options for History / Analysis Enquiries

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Additional Options for History / Analysis Enquiries

The Sales/Purchase and Sales/Purchase Order Ledger Enquiry facility allows the option to link to additional databases for enquiry. These are databases which, in the case of the sales/purchase account enquiry, contain the account code as one of the items on the record – this could be one of your own databases maintained via ProFiler or perhaps another application database such as the invoice costing/generator files or the allocation log file or indeed a different Order Processing set-up from another company.Two new options have been added to this facility in Release 6.6

Firstly the system allows you to define up to three items which a filter/search setting can be applied and secondly an ‘auto-fit’ option is available to compress the data displayed to remove the horizontal scrollbar.


Ledger Enquiry Manager

New parameters for the filter and auto-fit options are available within the Ledger Enquiry Manager.To update the parameters select Installation from the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and Enquiries Configuration. Select the application required that allows the History / Detail database option – Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing all support this facility – and then select Transaction/Detail Enquiries, confirm the enquiry authority levels and then select the History/Detail database required.

After confirming the link parameters the system asks for the items to list and the new options are available here.

Filter – against each of the list items a tick option is available to set this item as a filter. If you select a date or value item then the system will offer the filter entries as a range of values otherwise you can enter the text to search. Up to three items can be set for the filter.

Autofit Width – set to compress display of columns so that transaction grid is displayed without a horizontal scroll bar. Note that system keeps same font size so full text of data items may not display depending on content.

Focus on Grid – if set then system will display all records on selection and the operator can optionally enter filters otherwise the system will default to enter criteria for first filter before displaying records when operator applies the filter.

  • Release ID: 6.6