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Flag Component Records to Omit Cost Price

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Flag Component Records to Omit Cost Price

This new feature allows the facility to flag a component record within an assembly so the cost of the component stock item is not included in the valuation of the assembly or the calculation of cost for the finished item. This allows for the component item to carry a cost for some assemblies, or when sold in its own right, but for other assemblies to process the cost price as zero.

Stock Assembly Maintenance

When maintaining an assembly definition the system will allow the use of the <F7-Option> key to set the flag to omit cost price when confirming the component quantity.

On selection of the <F7> key the system will update the ‘Omit-Cost’ flag item to Y and zero the cost price displayed.


Database Changes

A new flag item is required on the Stock Components database. You can update the database layout by selecting Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Restructure a Database. Select the Stock Control application, elect to change the ‘Live’ files, and then select the components file. <Page-Down> until you reach a blank item and then press <Enter> against it to create the item(s) below.

File Item Name Type Description

COM OMIT-COST ?-type Flag which, if Y, will omit the cost price when valuing / building the assembly.

Enter the item name in the first input and then press <Enter> to set the item type (F4 is available). Once the item type has been entered then selected item types (X / Y) will ask for the item size, enter size required and then press <Enter> again to complete entry.

Once the database changes have been made press <ESC> to complete and then choose UPDATE to update the changes. Press <Enter> to confirm prompts to ‘Extract Existing Data to the new Database Structure’ and ‘Copy Table entries from Old Database to New Database’ - the new database structure is then updated. When prompted to ‘Remove .OLD Database’ you generally respond ‘No’ for backup purposes.

If prompted to ‘Carry Out the Same Restructure on the "BASE” File as well?’ respond as required.The BASE file is used if/when you create a new company based on the existing structure, if this is likely to happen respond ‘Yes’ and repeat the entry of new items above taking care to ensure you create at the same item positions and with the same type.

Set Database Profiles

The new data items need to be referenced within the Datafile Database Profiles. The profiles are set by selecting Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and Set Database Profiles. Select Stock Control and then select the parameter screen Component Items to reference the new item.

Reference the data item number of the new omit cost flag item against Zero Cost Item

  • Release ID: 6.2