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Using Table Flags

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Using Table Flags

When designing a ProFiler screen to maintain these tables, use the option that allows you to process only records marked with one of these flags. For example, item 21 LOCNOUT? is used to mark those records that refer to outgoing trading partner parameters (for outgoing messages in the sales order cycle, or suppliers in the purchase order cycle).

Sometimes the same code may need to appear in more than one table. For example, a trading partner may create the same EAN code for a product as well as for a location (possible, although discouraged). In that event, you will need to use the DataFiler utility program to update any additional flags that must be set to show that a record belongs to more than one table.

Some tables may be internal only, and these do not necessarily need to use flags to denote their use. If you make changes to the system, however, we do recommend you document changes somewhere, so there is a record of what has been added.

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