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Application Files - EDI Order Processing

Datafile Software

Application Files - EDI Order Processing

The Datafile files used by this application are:

¨EDI message file – This is a holding file for the information extracted from the order EDI messages. Data for the order processing system is extracted from this file. Once order details are extracted from this file, the details are then transferred to an archive file in case there is a need to look at the original EDI data. A unique internal EDI reference number is created for each EDI file, and is printed on each order printed.

¨EDI archive file – This holds old EDI order data for enquiry purposes.

¨Message header file – This file is only used during message processing, to link all the records in the EDI message file that are derived from a single EDI file. The key to this file is the internal EDI reference number.

¨General lookup file – This file holds lookup information needed by the application, in particular the tables that translate between the EAN location and product codes and the user’s own sales/purchase ledger and product codes. It also holds tables that are used for Tradacomsmessages.

¨Message log file – This contains one entry per message file processed, giving the customer’s message reference, the customer, the name of the EDI message file, the date transmitted, and so on.

¨Constants file – A standard one-record file used to hold various constants, parameters and intermediate data needed during message processing.

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