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Calling a Batch Update Definition - Profiler

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Calling a Batch Update Definition - Profiler

When defining your ProFiler application you can call aspects of the standard application programs where required. This is achieved via the P-Program option type.

Option Type

To call a program you select the option type ‘P’ for ‘Program’

Parameter 1

Parameter 1 asks for the program path – for the batch updates the programs would be:

SLU.EXE Sales Ledger Batch Update

PLU.EXE Purchase Ledger Batch Update

STU.EXE Stock Batch Update

JCU.EXE Job Costing Batch Update

SP.EXE Sales Order Processing Batch Update

PP.EXE Purchase Order Processing Batch Update

Parameter 2

This asks for the parameter option within the batch update program to call. For Sales, Purchase, Stock and Job Costing batch updates the parameter number would be 100n, replacing n with the batch update definition number (1-6). For the Order Processing batch updates the parameter number is 7701nn where nn is replaced by the definition number (01-06).

If the program is called purely with the parameter number then the profiler procedure will pause for you to confirm the batch update run-time parameters, as it would if you had called the option from the standard application menus.

To run the procedures automatically you need to add Ato the parameter number – i.e. 1001Aor 770101A.

Finally, when calling an external (i.e. non-ProFiler) routine then the system would normally exit back to the menu once that routine is completed. If you wish to return to the ProFiler Q-menu to continue (say) printing reports then you need to append the profiler option to return to after running the batch update process – i.e. &PPP/M/O where PPP is the ProFiler application id, M is the Menu Number and O is the Option number on the menu to return to. Note that the option you return to mustbe the call to a Q-menu.

All other parameter options can be set as required.

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