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Create / Update Accounts - Order Processing Batch Updates

Datafile Software

Create / Update Accounts - Order Processing Batch Updates

If the definition allows the accounts file to be updated for new and/or changed accounts then you will be asked: ok to create/update accounts?

If you select ‘Yes’ then the accounts files will be updated before any attempt is made to create the orders. During the accounts file update the following screen provides a commentary of the update process.

File Full / Index Needs Tidying

If the accounts file becomes full then the system will attempt to auto-expand the file if the update process can gain exclusive access to the file (and auto-expand settings are defined). Similarly if the accounts file index needs tidying then the system will tidy the index if exclusive access can be obtained.

If either the accounts file or the index becomes full and the system cannot expand or tidy then the account update (and order creation) will be abandoned and the operator informed accordingly. This will occur even when the batch update is processed on an ‘auto-run’ basis.

  • Release ID: Standard