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Order Processing Batch Updates

Datafile Software

Order Processing Batch Updates

The purpose of these programs is to update the sales and purchase order processing system with orders created elsewhere. These orders may have been created by a special ProFiler order processing application, for example, or might originate from a non-Datafile Software application. The benefit to the user is that the proper linking and controls are maintained by these utility accessories.

Unlike the other updates discussed so far there are no separate programs for the sales/purchase order processing batch updates – although they are purchased as separate accessories they are bound into the sales/purchase order programs for simplicity.

Input can only be accepted from a Datafile database file so it is likely you will need to create a small ProFiler application to handle translation from an ASCII file to a temporary database before batch order generation. The sales and purchase order processing batch updates work in almost exactly the same in use and set-up so the description given below for the sales order batch update applies equally to the purchase order batch update.

The batch update utility will appear as a menu option somewhere suitable on your system – typically this would be either the Order Processing menu itself or from a Utility Programs sub-menu.

Application Menu Parameters (Premier only)

The call for Order Processing Batch Updates has a four-digit parameter number of 7701. To call an individual batch update the parameter number is 7701nn where nn is replaced with a number of 01 to 06 for the import definition required.

  • Release ID: Standard