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Confirm Input File and Date - Sales/Purchase Batch Updates

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Confirm Input File and Date - Sales/Purchase Batch Updates

Before the update can start you must confirm the input data file that is to be updated to the system.

For sales and purchase batch updates the date is very important. Usually the date must be in the current period. If forward postings are allowed to the ledger as a whole then the batch update will also accept a posting to the forward period. Note that input transactions can be individually dated – however an input file cannotcontain transactions from more than one period.

After confirming the file and date you click the RUN button to begin the import. At which point you are prompted: ok to commence input?

Note on Backups

It is important that you have a complete backup of your application data files before running a batch update. If for any reason the update fails after any records have been processed then it is essential that you restore the backup version of these files.

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