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Sales/Purchase Batch Updates

Datafile Software

Sales/Purchase Batch Updates

The purpose of these applications is to update the sales and purchase ledgers with transactions generated elsewhere. These transactions may have been created by a special ProFiler order processing application or might be the output of a non-Datafile Software application. The benefit to the user is that the proper linking and controls are maintained by these utility programs, and thus transactions do not have to be re-entered manually.

The input transaction files may either be Datafile database files or ‘ASCII’ text files – such as comma-separated files created by other database system or data files downloaded from an electronic point-of-sale device. The sales and purchase batch updates work exactly the same in use and set-up, so a description for the sales batch update given below equally applies to the purchase ledger.

On selection of the Sales (Purchase) Batch Update menu you are given the list of options available within that menu.


Each batch update menu option has a four-digit parameter number. This number is the parameter that is needed by Datafile Premier users who wish to restructure their application menus or even to create new menus. For example ‘Sales Ledger System Status’ has a parameter of "2000”, and the first batch update definition can be loaded directly by a parameter of "1001”.

  • Release ID: Standard