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Route Map Links

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Route Map Links

An existing feature allows you to link to the MULTIMAP or STREETMAP websites to view the location of a customer/supplier based on the post code on the current account. New in Release 6.2 this has been extended to support Google Maps and to provide a new feature to create a route map from your location to that of the customer/supplier.

Map Link

By default the MAP options use MULTIMAP as the website to view the customer / supplier location.An entry within the DATAFILE.INI can be set to switch the website to STREETMAP. This option now also supports Google Maps.

Within the DATAFILE.INI enter


to configure the Map link(s) to use Google Maps.

Route Map

The Route Map feature is accessed via the ‘car’ icon on the main Datafile toolbar. Selecting this option whilst a customer / supplier record is open displays the ‘from / to’ post codes for confirmation or amendment.Once confirmed your internet browser is launched to generate the route between the two locations.

By default the system will use MULTIMAP for the route website, if MAPLINK set within the DATAFILE.INI (but not set to MULTIMAP) the system will use Google Maps for the route website.


No specific changes are required for this feature. The default ‘from’ location post code is taken from Address Line 5within the Set Company Details off the main Installation menu and this line should only include the post code, the ‘to’ location post code is taken from the current record where a non-blank data item name contains ‘post’ and ‘code’ (if more than one item a pick list of the available entries is shown prior to the route generation.

  • Release ID: 6.2