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Launch Other Programs

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Launch Other Programs

The Ledger Enquiry for each application has an ACTION panel that allows you to call selected actions from the main application from the enquiry. By default the Works Order enquiry has options to allow update of the works order header, update of the details together with the ability to print works order acknowledgement and build documents. The Enquiry Manager allows for the definition of up to eight actions (only the first six are available on lower screen resolutions) – if any actions are set this will replace the pre-set items discussed above.

For each entry you define:

Title – enter short title (11 characters) that is to be displayed in the Actions panel as the menu option.

Prog – select the program to be called by the action. <F4-Select> lists the entries from within the PREMIER.DFD that are approved for use via the Actions panel. Selecting an entry will automatically update the ‘PROG’ and ‘PARAM’ inputs for you to confirm. You can manually enter your own settings if required but entering parameter numbers off the ‘approved’ list may not give the desired result.

Param – confirm the parameter number of the action to be called. This will be updated for you if select the action via <F4> on the ‘PROG’ input. If a parameter contains ‘NN’ then you need to update this parameter number with the appropriate offset.

Comp – this allows you to change company when the action is launched, leave blank to remain in the current company. You may need to change company if, for example, you add quotes via a separate ‘sales order’ company that shares the same sales ledger files.

Auth – select the authority level to be required for launch of the action. In many cases the action being launched will have an authority level anyway – via the Security & User Manager in the case of application options, via the option configuration in the case of ProFiler or Desktop options – and this authority level will not override this. The authority level here controls the availability of the action option within the Ledger Enquiry only – not whether you will be able to run that option itself. Leave blank (or 9) to be available for all operators or set as required.

Hint – this allows a more descriptive explanation of the option than can be given in the title. The hint is displayed when the action is highlighted by the mouse when using the enquiry.

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