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Works Order Header File FULL Screen Design (Premier Only)

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Works Order Header File FULL Screen Design (Premier Only)

In Premier systems you have the option to create a user-define screen in which to display details from the works order header over two screens. On selection of this option you are asked if you wish to use a full screen layout and, if selected, you are taken into the design for the first screen.

You design the screen as per the standard screen design procedures. To enter text on the screen position the cursor where you want to start entering the text, by clicking the mouse, and then type in the text required. To clear text use the spacebar to blank it out, use of the delete key will remove the character and bring any text later on the line one character closer. If press <Insert> then text entry changes to INSERT rather than OVERTYPE mode.

To draw lines on the screen switch to ‘Line Mode’ using the option on the Tools menu and use the mouse to draw a line by clicking at its start position and then drag the cursor to where you want it to finish (only horizontal/vertical lines allowed). To delete a line click it with the mouse (so that it’s highlighted) and then press the <Delete> key. To switch back to ‘Text’ mode call the option on the Tools menu again. A special option on the Tools pull-down allows you to quickly draw a screen border.

To position a data item click the starting position where you wish to display and then either right-click with the mouse or press <F4-Select> key – the available items are then displayed.

Once complete choose the File pull-down option ‘Save & Exit’. When you save the first screen you will be asked if you wish to use a second screen – respond as required.

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