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Credit Control Manager / Additional Options

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Credit Control Manager / Additional Options

Three further new features have been added to the popular Credit Control Manager utility.Firstly an extra account display item has been added, secondly a facility to update two account items via the Comment action and thirdly option to default include / exclude and a‘check equal’ function for the pre-selection items.

Extra Account Item

Whilst space for display is limited where systems are configured for standard fonts and have widescreen high-resolution monitors then this new feature allows for display of a second extra account item within the Credit Control Manager pick list. This may be used to include, for example, a contact name for the customer.

Extra Account Update Items

The Comment function on the Credit Control Manager pick list allows you to update a short comment against the customer plus confirm details such as next action information, deferment dates and update the ‘debtor statement’ dates. This new feature allows this option to also update two additional items on the account record. You may wish to use this feature to input the BACS-PAY-NAME when advised that a payment has been made by BACS but the statement description will record a different company name, or update the customer contact for the next call, etc.

Additional Options on Account Filters

The Credit Control Manager allows for five account ‘filter’ options – these filters allow you to nominate a data item and when run the CCM asks whether you wish to include or exclude this account based on the filter. The filter works on a blank/not-blank basis so that if a item is set for ‘include’ then the account is listed if the selected item is not blank and excludes if item is blank (with the exclude option working on the reverse principle).

Options have now been added to default whether the filter is set for inclusion / exclusion and, for text items, a ‘check equal’ function has been added that would allow you to include/exclude on the content of the text item rather than on blank/non-blank.

If the ‘Equal To’ setting is left blank then the include/exclude options continue to work on the blank / non-blank status. If ‘Equal To’ is set then setting ‘include’ includes those accounts with an exact match of the set value, and ‘exclude’ excludes those accounts with an exact match on the set value. Note that ‘exact match’ includes trailing spaces (so that for example setting the ‘Equal To’ parameter to ‘GB’ would not match against ‘GBS’ or ‘GBX’)


Application User Facilities

To enable these features you need to update the Credit Control Manager parameters within the Sales Ledger Application User Facilities. To update these settings select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities. Select the Sales Ledger application followed by Sales Transactions and move to screens 4 and 5 of the parameters.

Include / Exclude Items – against each of the five items are tick boxes to set whether accounts are to be included or excluded based on the data item and, for text items, whether you wish to allow the ‘check equal’ function.

Acc User Item Shown (Second) – select a data item from the accounts file to display as a second ‘user’ display item. Note that this item may be omitted from display if insufficient space available to display.

Comment Action Also Update Account Item 1/2 – select up to two data items from the account file for display/input when selecting the COMMENT action within the Credit Control Manager.

  • Release ID: 6.3

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