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Enter Payment Adjustments

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Enter Payment Adjustments

You use this transaction to reverse payment postings. The most likely reason is a customer payment which is returned to you uncleared. Alternatively, you may also use it where a payment has accidentally been posted to the wrong account or some other payment error has occurred. A payment adjustment increases the current outstanding balance for this account, and also the overall ledger control total.

Posting a payment adjustment follows the same pattern as posting a payment — see above — with an extra option at the start.

Reverse Existing Transaction

Once you have chosen an account you are asked to pick up details from an existing reference

Where you are posting a payment adjustment because the payment was posted incorrectly, it is helpful to pick up the original payment details. Keying <Enter> on a blank reference field means that you do not wish to find an existing payment to reverse, and you proceed into the transaction process as described above for payments.

When you enter a reference number to look for, you can omit leading zeroes — for example, if you ask for reference "5124”, it will match to a payment with reference "0005124”. If the reference number has alphabetic characters, you can enter them in lower case or capital letters.

Allocating the Payment Adjustment

You would usually allocate the payment adjustment against the original payment being ‘corrected’ but this transaction may have already been allocated against the invoice it paid.If this is the case, and the payment was allocated this period, then you can unallocate the invoice and credit as part of the allocation process.

  • Release ID: Standard