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YEAR-END-DEL – Mark Account for Deletion at Year End

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YEAR-END-DEL – Mark Account for Deletion at Year End

Once an account has had a transaction entered against it the option to delete an account is restricted, you can only delete the account if ‘inactive’ – no balance and no transactions.This option allows you to flag an account for deletion at the year-end – removing the account and transaction detail as part of the sales/purchase year-end process.

Selecting this option shows the same account maintenance screen as the ADD and UPDATE actions but instead of the SAVE and ABANDON buttons are options to DELETE and ABANDON.Selecting DELETE marks the account for deletion at year end but doesn’t remove the account or transaction records at this point, in fact if before the year-end you change your mind you can reselect the account in this option and choose a RETAIN button to ‘re-activate’ the account.

Marking the account for deletion does not prevent you posting a transaction to the account, though you will be warned the account is marked when you post, and nor does it automatically mean the account is removed at year-end. The system will still check that there is no outstanding balance or any outstanding orders as part of the year-end process, and you can say ‘No’ during the year-end process to removal as well.

  • Release ID: Standard

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