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Ledger Enquiry Hyperlinks on Application Report Output to Excel

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Ledger Enquiry Hyperlinks on Application Report Output to Excel

One of the more popular features introduced in Release 6.1 was the facility to send an application report to screen or spooler and include ‘hyperlinks’ on values such as the account code, stock code or order reference which allowed the operator to click this link and to bring up the Ledger Enquiry for that key code. This feature is extended in this update to allow link back to the Ledger Enquiry when output an application report to Microsoft Excel.

On output to Excel the report is created in the normal manner and can be viewed / analysed as required. However, if you position the cursor on one of these key items you can select the ‘Datafile Enquiry’ link from the ‘Add-Ins’ Tab on the Ribbon (for Excel 2007 - if Excel 2003 then the ‘Datafile Enquiry’ link will be available on a Datafile toolbar) and the Ledger Enquiry facility for the selected code will be displayed.


 This facility is available on the standard application reports throughout the Datafile system.

 Where a report contains more than one key code – for example an order listing may include the order reference, customer account code and stock code – then highlighting the required code will launch the appropriate order enquiry. As with the hyperlink feature on standard reports, if the item isn’t profiled as a key field in the Database Profiles no hyperlink will be available.

Although we recommend clicking on the cell containing the key field, provided you click on the same row as the key field, the ‘Datafile Enquiry’ hyperlink option will be available on the ‘main’ link item – i.e. if print the order listing as per the example above then clicking on any cell in the row will launch the Sales Order Ledger Enquiry unless your focusing on the customer account code or stock code cell specifically


This feature uses an ‘add-in’ tool in a similar method to the links and as with these add-in’s it needs to be ‘registered’ on each terminal.

To register the add-in firstly make sure Excel is not open and then start up the Datafile System, running as administrator for the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. Sign on as the SYSTEM user-id or, if Premier, a user with installer rights and select the Install pull-down from the main Datafile toolbar and select the ‘Microsoft Office’ option.

To register the add-in select the ‘Install Excel Addin’ option and the link will be registered. You then need to repeat the procedure for each applicable workstation.


The link updates parameter settings on to sheet 2 of the Excel spreadsheet so you need to ensure that Excel Options are configured so that new spreadsheets are created with at least two sheets.

The Ledger Enquiry launched from Excel will be created as a ‘multi-task’ session and will take up an extra user licence – as such this facility is not available on single user systems.

In addition to the standard application reports the Excel outputs from the Credit Control Manager and the Account / Transaction and Order Pick list facilities also support this feature.

  • Release ID: 6.3